Application Note

Cultural Response Tests using Chromogenic and Fluorogenic Substrates

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AquaSpark™ Minireview

Learn more about microbial detection using Biosynth's AquaSpark™ chemiluminescene technology

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Biosynth in Microbiology

We have a history of manufacturing biochemical reagents, many of which are used in industrial and clinical microbiology. We run a collection of microorganisms, to provide for the development of enzymatic tests and assays for the detection and identification of bacteria in clinical, food, and environmental applications. At Biosynth we constantly develop and improve diagnostic reagents to certain types of microbiology assays and applications. Proof of concept is given by our numerous innovations, along with patents we have filed in the field over the years. In addtion, our microbiology department assures the quality of bio-chemical reagents and provides first hand technical support to customers in the field.



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