Biosynth Press Releases



May 2019:  BIOSYNTH & Carbosynth

May, 20th 2019 - Today Biosynth and Carbosynth announced that the two companies have merged to form a leading player in the global fine chemicals market.



May 2018:  New joint venture NEMIS Technologies formed by Biosynth and Ramot

Biosynth and Ramot, the Tel Aviv University Business Engagement Center, have announced the incorporation of a Joint Venture, Nemis Technologies. Nemis is engaged in the development of simple, specific, cost-effective and rapid pathogen detection kits based on the AquaSpark technology. It will address markets such as food safety where microbiological contamination and the associated recalls are a major issue.

August 2017: Tel Aviv University announces collaboration with Biosynth

Researchers from Tel Aviv University developed new reagents termed 'AquaSpark' to visually detect processes inside cells or biological samples. In contrast to luciferin or fluorescent probes, the new compounds do not require any genetic modification of cells and no excitation light source is needed. Tel Aviv University announced that Biosynth will receive a license to manufacture the pioneering compounds and to market them in the diagnostics field.

June 2016: Biosynth acquires the organic chemistry specialist TAU-CHEM

Staad, Switzerland, Bratislava, Slovakia – 20.06.2016: Today, the company announced the acquisition of a majority stake in the Slovak chemical specialty manufacturer TAU-CHEM s.r.o. also based in Bratislava. With this acquisition Biosynth expands its presence in the European Union and establishes a growth platform in an investment friendly and competitive environment.

February 2016: Biosynth continues to grow

Biosynth, with its headquarters and a production site in Staad, Switzerland has expanded its business presence to Slovakia to meet with growing business activity and demands for its products in the global market. The new office in Bratislava is a valuable addition to the Biosynth organization which already has locations in Germany and the USA as well as intensive commercial activities in China. This recent move marks another step in a comprehensive expansion strategy in which Eastern Europe and in particular, Slovakia, plays an important role. The company will benefit from highly skilled employees and an attractive business environment that Slovakia can offer. In the meantime, Biosynth has also continued to invest in the Staad location. The workforce was increased in 2015 and this trend will continue throughout 2016.