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Our main facilities are located in Switzerland on Lake Constance. Over the years we have modernized and upgraded the site continuously in order to expand capacity and to comply with international regulations.

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Our strategy puts you as a customer in the center. Our staff in the US, Switzerland, Slovakia and China are committed to providing you with excellent support. Our global customers are one of our most valued assets and we strive to maintain a long standing and mutually beneficial business relationship with each and every one.

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Because it is essential for trading, refinement, and production, sourcing is one of our core competencies. We have many, many years of experience and a vast database of suppliers all around the world. Many of our trusted suppliers are also capable of taking on outsourced work from us if required to help fulfill client demands and timeframes.


We have resourceful R&D departments in Switzerland and in China. Our R&D staff perform milligram to kilogram scale manufacturing, synthesis development,  process and production engineering, as well as development of proprietary know how, patent management and process validation.

Case study

A major company, in the field of clinical diagnostics, decided suddenly that it needed to validate some final testing methods of a product it had been using for years in order to prepare for a regulatory audit. We were able to qualify the methods of concern in time, regardless of the fact that this presented a considerable challenge due to time collisions with other projects.


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Project Management

We offer outsourcing of custom synthesis DMF including process development and validation, method development and validation, documentation and regulatory issues. We can also provide third-party manufacturing in Europe or China including supervision and auditing of process development / manufacturing and qc, change control.

Case studies

A customer purchased 15 mt of a product, which we had manufactured in China according to his exact specifications. The material involved, however, has a tendency to consolidate during storage, forming solid blocks shaped by the surrounding container. The customer required the entire volume to be packed in 5 kg bottles prior to shipment. We developed a process to break down the bulk solid and to grind the material coming in from China, in such a way that the packaging requirement could be met.


Our state-of-the-art plant in Switzerland performs pilot and production runs in 50 to 3,000 liter reactors as well as small scale manufacturing, small scale API manufacturing.

Case study

A leading diagnostics company decided to close a chemical reagent plant and to outsource its production. However, one very important product proved resistant to all outsourcing efforts because of the complex nature of the manufacturing process, its low yields, challenging raw materials, and the non-standard production equipment it required. Meeting the challenge, we redesigned the manufacturing process to make it simpler and more robust and to better fit a standard chemical plant’s capabilities. We even acquired some of the equipment of the plant that was destined to close to ensure batch consistency before and after the transfer. In short, we developed a manufacturing process for the critical raw material in order to stabilize the insecure supply situation.


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Quality Control

In our QC lab in Switzerland, all instruments are certified and the equipment for all standard analytical methods are at hand. Sophisticated NMR analysis is done in collaboration with a leading Swiss research institute, which has the best instruments in the world (routine measurement to complex structural analyses). Our quality control group also performs in-process and final control of APIs. Our partner facility in China performs GC, HPLC and NMR of locally sourced goods, and we also maintain relationships with other European labs for any specialized testing not performed in-house.


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Warehousing, Packaging and Shipping

Our primary warehouse in Switzerland holds all necessary permits for the handling of highly regulated materials such as APIs and controlled substances. Temperature-controlled storage rooms house our chemicals in a range from -80°C to +15°C. Our -18 to +15°C storage facilities are large, drive in zones.

Our US facility is centrally located just outside of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. It is a fully bonded and insured warehouse. In today’s age of heightened security, and scrutiny of chemical companies in particular, it also maintains much needed permits and working knowledge of USDA and Customs & Border Protection policies and importation requirements.

We also have storage capacity in China and Germany, and can keep stock for our customers at all locations.

We can custom-fill any required amount and in every required container. APIs and highly toxic materials are handled in containment with clean room class 8. We also employ the use of a glove box or an automated, qualified solids dosage system.

Case studies

A well-known research institution required 1 g of an expensive biochemical reagent to be delivered in 1000 x 1 mg portions. The option of liquid dosing followed by solvent vaporation was not acceptable to the customer. Thus the solid had to weighed-in manually. Because we possess sophisticated weighing equipment and some patient and diligent staff, the customer requirement was fulfilled.

Case studies

A customer required his PO number to be printed on the product label. Although standard labeling does not include the information, our labeling system is set-up to accommodate such special requests.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance staff is responsible for overseeing all business and manufacturing processes. Their attention to these details holds them as our client’s representative in our organization and the liaison with the governing bodies we are accountable to.


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