Products & Markets

Biosynth innovates, develops and produces precious reagents and biochemicals for the life science and pharmaceutical industries.

Our main activities involve the manufacture of substances for the detection of enzyme activity indicative of health conditions in clinical samples; identification of bacterial infections in clinical, food and environmental samples or products for hygiene monitoring. Biosynth supplies components for immunological assays that are used in over-the-counter tests, but which can also be used in automated clinical testing. Biosynth products form part of standard assays and procedures in biochemistry, molecular biology, plant physiology, genetics and other disciplines.

A specialized part of our business is focused on rare biochemicals such as culture media additives, biological detergents, plant growth hormones, and biochemical reagents used in standard assays.

Furthermore, Biosynth focuses on the synthesis of indole derivatives, which represent a class of molecules that are often used as molecular building blocks in the development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients. To our knowledge, Biosynth offers the largest variety of indoles, in unsurpassed quality, worldwide.

Many of Biosynth's substances are critical to the manufacturing of high-volume industrial products. For nearly four decades, Biosynth products have been used throughout the industrial, academic and governmental sectors in fields spanning microbiology, molecular biology, genomics, diagnostics and pharmacology. In that time, Biosynth's list of customers has grown to include the major brands in the life science and pharmaceutical industries across continents.


Business model

At Biosynth we focus on the development and manufacture of high value-added products. By intent, our production scale is kept limited. The average chemical reaction is carried out on a 150 liter scale. A lot of our products are produced in much smaller volumes. Some extremely precious materials involve dozens of synthetic steps and are manufactured in sub-gram quantities.

Because Biosynth is a family-owned company, this affords us the luxury of being able to hold an extensive inventory that publicly traded companies would find it unprofitable to store. Moreover, maintaining this inventory of intermediates and finished goods allows Biosynth to respond quickly to requests and to ensure short lead times. This enables us to keep the reliable just-in-time schedules our customers demand. In summary, Biosynth has a track record providing on time and secure supplies of the same batch material and in helping our customers keep their inventories in check.

Biosynth is an industrial supplier that typically does not sell to end users. Nevertheless, many scientists in microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, plant physiology or genetics use Biosynth products on a daily basis without knowing it. Biosynth products are normally used as industrial ingredients or are

distributed by specialized companies that have the ability to manage large numbers of small-scale transactions.


A short history

In 1966, Biochemica & Synthetica was established as a trading company by Hans Spitz in Zurich. In 1971, the company's name was changed to the current Biosynth® brand. The company has since evolved into a development and manufacturing company and moved into facilities situated on the Swiss shore of lake Constance, which neighbors the most beautiful hills of Appenzell. We are also only a short distance away from UNESCO's world culture heritage city of St. Gallen.

In 1983, Mr. Hans Spitz founded Biosynth International Inc., which is located in Itasca IL., USA. Biosynth International is a non-exclusive re-seller of Biosynth products for North America. The office can be easily reached from downtown Chicago and O'Hare International Airport.