econoLuciferase and fireflies

Our stable econoLuciferase™ is the enzyme of choice for ATP-assays in hygiene control, microbial and biochemical tests.

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AquaSpark™ phosphatase substrates - The new generation of chemiluminescence that outshines all other detection methods.

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Remove the background! See more. GalactoZide™, PeptiZide™, GlucuroniZide™ - Our novel STAADIUM™ enzyme-activated growth inhibitors improve microbial assays.

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Quality and Compliance

“We never question the quality of products from Biosynth” (Customer statement)

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Molecule of the Week:

FLsharp™ - Phosphate, disodium salt  C-3453


Certificates, patents, mini-reviews & flyers

Novel substrate for E.coli identification

AquaSpark™ Peroxide Probe
An extremely versatile and sensitive probe

AquaSpark™ - The new generation of chemiluminescence