Biosynth in China

Lower Your Costs at no Riks

We wade through the abundance of original manufacturers in China to identify and audit reliable manufacturers to accept into our supplier base. Any products considered from these suppliers are submitted to our local partner lab to undergo quality control testing under the strict supervision of our Swiss quality assurance personnel. Samples and bulk materials for our clients will only leave China when released by our Swiss QA. The interconnectedness of our Biosynth companies guarantees secure, consistent supply of only quality products coming from China.

Common quality challenges associated with Chinese partners are met in a more timely fashion, while allowing for the profits of sourcing in China to be reaped.

Extend Your Workbench

A skilled team of synthetic chemists is ready to help you with your synthetic challanges, support your efforts in process optimization, and the identification and synthesis of impurities for Drug Master Files.

Economic Manufacturing

Let us help find you the right manufacturing partner for your product. In order to be successful you need local experts for auditing, efficient communication, quality assurance, and problem solving.