Biosynth and TAU-CHEM team up

plants of TAUCHEM Bratislava and Biosynth Staad

We proudly announce that the Biosynth group acquired a majority stake in the organic chemistry specialist TAU-CHEM, based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Back in February of this year the Biosynth group opened a new sales office in Bratislava. With the acquisition of TAU-CHEM Biosynth expands its presence in the European Union and establishes a growth platform in an investment friendly and competitive environment. The addition of a second production site gives the group more flexibility and allows for greater production volumes. 


TAU-CHEM new LogoTAU-CHEM is an established chemicals company specialized in organic synthesis as well as manufacturing services from grams to a hundred kilos scale. Its focus is on non-GMP, early stage intermediates. The company is well known for its work in developing processes of unusual heterocycles, beta-amino acids, chiral epoxides and others. TAU-CHEM has excellent relationships with academic institutions and the chemical community in Eastern Europe and in particular the Slovak Republic.

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