Unique Process Technology

Our production, process scale- up and R&D departments are strongly interconnected. We can certainly rely on our lean and state of art equipment, but even more importantly on our skilled and highly qualified personnel (primarily chemists and engineers at varying experience levels). Our process and production chemists like to be challenged on a daily basis, in order to deliver our compounds on time and under the high quality standards set by our clients.  We offer several production capabilities ranging from small to medium to large scale.

We have several operating reactors with volume capabilities ranging from 50 up to 2500 liters. Additionally, we have also large centrifuges (up to 25 kg), filter-driers (400-630 liters), large vacuum dryers, conic dryers, mills and ultra-filtration apparatuses. We can obviously perform single or multistep syntheses, but we can also run enzymatic reactions and preparative extraction chemistry (i.e. natural products from plants of the genus Digitalis). 
In addition, we are also proud to host specialized and dedicated equipment:


Hydrogenation Laboratory

A dedicated laboratory for  hydrogenation reactions is available for research and production purposes. The facility is suitably located and isolated, in order to ensure explosion and fire containment in case of accident. In addition to standard 2-3 l hydrogenation reactors, we also host two 50 l reactors for larger scale preparations. Reactions requiring higher pressures (20 bars) and temperatures (60-80 °C) can be also run in our reactors. Right next to the containment room, large rotary evaporators are available in order to conduct the additional work-up operations rapidly and efficiently.



Multi-Stage Short Path and Thin Film Distillation

Our apparatus consists of a sequence of degassing unit, thin film fraction column and short path evaporator, all pieces built of glass and hastelloy. It is especially suited and qualified for the purification requirements of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.Currently, we are installing an additional apparatus with a thin film evaporator and fractional distillation unit for bulk material, all pieces of which are built of hastelloy. It will be capable of concentration and fractional distillation of large volumes.The equipment is used internally, but we can also offer our clients distillation services as per their requirements.

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Solvent Recycling Unit

We are an environmentally responsible company. As such we strive to minimize our carbon dioxide footprint by burning wood pellets rather than fossile fuel. In addition we re-cycle solvents whenever possible. For this purpose we are running a dedicated solvent recycling unit, which can also be hired by third parties.

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We have recently put into operation a 6.5 m2 freeze-drying unit. It is useful for drying off water and other solvents with high boiling points in a delicate manner and for the production of amorphous, instantly dissolving materials.

Microwave-Assisted Chemical Synthesis

Microwave technology is ideal for very efficient transfer of thermal energy and laboratory scale pressure reactions when compared to traditional executions of chemical reactions. Microwave-assisted reactions in general tend to be cleaner, faster and more efficient. We have almost 10 years of experience with this technology which is perfectly suited for small scale API manufacturing. Our complex is qualified for production of pharmaceutical products.

Microbiology Lab and Related Services

We maintain a fully equipped, state-of-the-art Biosafety Level 2 laboratory (moderate hazard potential), which enables us to handle some of the Biosafety class 3 bacteria (3** - not transmitted through air). Our know-how, equipment, and a considerable collection of microorganisms, provide for the development of enzymatic tests and assays for the detection and identification of bacteria in clinical, food, and environmental applications.

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GMP Micronization

Since particle size is a key element in many Biosynth product applications we are well-equipped to micronize a wide range of materials, including pharmaceutical ingredients, to your required particle size.

Process Development

During the course of many years, we have developed the manufacturing process for a multitude of our own products and thus we have accumulated hundreds of man years of experience. Our affiliate in China is specialized in process development, optimization, and characterization and synthesis for process related impurities for validation purposes.

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Keeping Your IP Save

All of our R&D activities and batch records are electronically documented, time stamped, and version controlled. Electronic access is granted as needed and physical access to our labs requires biometric identification.

Naturally, we sign NDAs/CDAs with our customers. Further, every Biosynth employee signs a secrecy agreement with his or her employment contract.